Elliott Patrick

Whisper softly to me, said the wind to the sea and together offer a kiss to the heavens on the mist we release.
The stars shine endlessly from the vastness of space, as infinity loses distance when earthy grasping is ceased.
Time has no meaning, beginning or end for energy is constantly changing from one hand to hand.
We are like the waves that crest and come back, the circle of life is the timeless proof of that.

I’m a wizard of cosmic dreams, dancing on the colors of the Northern Light beams.
Casting spells of what children see and sharing it with fairies and elf’s for their the only ones you know what they mean.
As each spell is cast a snowflake is made, so different in a trillion different ways.
So look for me in rainbows or in the stars and if you’re a child or young at heart, you won’t have to look that far.

Would you smile at me if we past on the street, would you pause and say hello, or look away so our eyes wouldn’t meet?
Do you say hello when others cross your way, nod your head or smile with kindness to convey.
Do you know whom you passed, an old friend who has changed or maybe you did, none of us ever stay the same.
What if the person you passed was on the edge and felt like no one in the world gave a fig.
What if your smile or hello changed this life, a spark of compassion that turned around and made things right.
The next time you pass a stranger or an old friend give a small bit of sharing and from this we all win.


My compulsion to need, devour, exceed.
Push myself until my fingers bleed.
My wantonness ways makes me a slave to this rage.
I write down my mind and tear off a new page.
All the sparks fly from hunger inside, I just can’t deny no matter how much I try.
Then there is this empty space, where I can’t find my face, not even the smallest tiniest trace.
Like a rocket that exploded in space comes falling to earth then silence and then nothing comes out not a single word.
Remember before being born?
The emptiness in the middle of the storm, red, blue, black, yellow, green, sharp and dull both in ultimate extremes.
Sounds that could pull galaxies apart, silence where sound never existed or embarked.
Inside this magnetized gravity karma of past lives, cause and effect with a slap on the backside, dull light lying on a small bed we’ve all been here, we’ll all do it again.
A call to all, come and let’s talk.
Let’s share the best we have, in our spiritual thoughts.
Let’s show that we’re more of the same then not.
As we share this space and time we’ll all get more accompl...ished with acceptance, reflection, compassion and being kind.
Let's just for one time show this confused world that at this moment we understand wisdom and our connection to each other will make a better world.

Don’t look for me in the words that I write,
or questions you ponder in the vastness of night.
Don’t look for me in a body that grows old.
Look for me in the truth that I’ve shown.
Remember we share the same light,
crawled from the ocean’s and try to do right.
Please see me as a good man who tried to explain
nothing and how it’s nice to be kind and a bit insane.


Riccardo Alberelli

‘Mij schiet één enkel woord te binnen:

Neeltje Maria Min 1966

‘Creativiteit is wanhoop van de betere soort’

Julius Vuylsteke (1836-1903)

Zo leeg

Zo leeg
Zo leeg moet het zijn
Zo vol
zo vol
het hoofd en hart
vergeet al wat ik weet
om een nieuw begin te maken.

~ Schaatskoorts ~

Het brandt van binnen
vormen zich zinnen
zonder verband
of betekenis

~ Schaatskoorts ~

Opnieuw gerangschikt
gewikt gewogen
nog een klein beetje verbogen
tot er iets staat
wat verder draagt

~ Schaatskoorts ~

Uit niets is iets gekomen
tot niets zal het wederkeren
Het kan niet anders
In redelijke tevredenheid
leest deze vanzelfsprekendheid
omdat het altijd zo is geweest

winter 2012

Fernando Lameirinhas


Saudade do Futuro
van het nieuwe album: "E Terno"

Chris James

Walk with your heart

Angels take themselves lightly

Paul Vens

Humberto Sotto Mayor

Nico Buisman & The traffic Junction

Slow wave sleep


Riccardo Alberelli

Riccardo Alberelli (1954) is een geboren en getogen Utrechter.
‘Een Utrechter is iemand die zich altijd en overal het recht voorbehoudt om ‘Nee!’ te zeggen, tegen wie of wat dan ook’, schrijft hij eens.
Dat maakt het leven er niet altijd leuker op, wel echter.
Sinds begin jaren zeventig van de vorige eeuw schrijft hij gedichten en sinds de jaren tachtig is hij journalist en tekstschrijver. De geschiedenis van de stad Utrecht en Wijk C in het bijzonder gaan hem al lang aan zijn hart.
Samen met fotograaf Nol van Dongen en de projectgroep De Zeven Steegjes schrijft Riccardo: ‘De Zeven Steegjes, 125 jaar volksleven in Utrecht’ (De Balie, Amsterdam 1987).
Hij bewerkt en redigeert het levensverhaal van taxichauffeur Cor van Tintelen, pleegkind uit De Zeven Steegjes: ‘Op zoek naar mijn ware moeder’ (Henk Reinders, Bunnik 1991).
Hij werkt mee aan het interviewproject en boek: ‘Wijk C het verleden verteld’. (Volksbuurtmuseum Wijk C / Stichting De Plantage, Utrecht 1998)
Vanaf 1995 tot 2000 werkt Riccardo met Hans Bik en Henk Droog aan de productie en uitgave van de Agenda van Verlangen, met prachtige afbeeldingen van kunstwerken en schitterende citaten uit de wereldliteratuur.
In 1999 redigeert hij met fotograaf en kunstenaar Gerard van Wingerde de bundel: ‘Dood, Sex & Eenzaamheid, gedichten 1967-1970’ van Sjors de Rooij (Utrecht 1999).
In 2010 verschijnt het boek: ‘Paradijs bv, Op weg naar werk’ (Uitgeverij Parterre, Utrecht). Het is een absurdistisch, hilarisch en soms schrijnend verslag van een re-integratietraject, richting betaald werk.
Tenslotte verschijnt in 2011 de tweede jubelbundel: ‘De Poëzieclub en haar materialen’, met foto’s van Jan Banning. Het is de vijftiende publicatie van De Poëzieclub, waarvan Riccardo sinds 1991 lid is. Dit jaar verschijnt de zestiende uitgave: ‘Recent verworven overgewicht’.
Fernando Castro Coelho

Gabriela Duarte

Nasceu em Lisboa. Desde cedo revelou vocação para as Artes Plásticas. Embora tenha começado pela pintura a óleo, elegeu a pintura a acrílico, formas e materiais diversos. - Tem o curso de pintura da Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes. - Tem desenvolvido investigação em várias técnicas e suportes. - Está representada em colecções particulares, tanto nacionais como estrangeiras. - Actualmente, além da pintura, realiza trabalhos de remodelação e de produção de ambientes. EXPOSIÇÕES - Exp. individual na "Galeria de Arte da Guia" (Maio de 2000) - " MEMÓRIAS". - Exp. colectiva "Galeria de Arte VINTE'S" (Serembro 2000). - Exp. colectiva na Junta de Freguesia de Coruche (Outubro de 2000). - Exp. Colectiva na Sociedade Musical de Cascais (Novembro de 2000). - Exp. colectiva no Salão de Exposições no Palácio Foz "PINTURA EM PORTUGAL" (Novembro de 2001). - Desde 2002 até ao passado ano 2011, tem exposto em todos os "Salões Convívio", na Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes. - Convidada a participar e seleccionada a integrar a lll e lV Bienal de Artes Plásicas de Coruche. - Nota final - As suas pinturas caracterizam-se por serem composições abstractizantes.
Dascha Friedlova

I love to be spontaneous, creative, enjoy friendships, meet new people, learn, enjoy arts, have fun, ,.....live without expectation and anticipation, live with respect and compassion to yourself and all living things, that is what I strive for.

I dance with the light, on the clouds, that surround grandmother Moon, as she sends out rays of light, across the starry night of Father Sky.

about my Photo collages,
I would like to add little bit about my process and background. I am originally painter and approach the photo collage very similar like painting, just the tools here are my photographs (I have over 27000 of my photos in the file). What attracts me now to photos is the fascination with light and creation of different levels of reality (I like surrealism very much). My approach is playfullness and then of course applying my sense of esthetics, composition,, image, feelings. It is the process which fascinates me.

Yo no lo busco yo lo encuentro ---- Piccasso

ART exists so we do not die of reality

the quote from Czech artist Pavel Bergr which I identify with very much.

INSPIRATION,, you know it is like that, a person absorbs everything around him as he walks in the world. The seen images store somewhere in his subconscious where they are multilayered and practically never ending kaleidoscope of fragments, paintings, images, and clips ,,,, it is as the box full of child's dreams views fell of the wagon and all broken into multi coloured pieces and then all got mixed together,,,,,
this is what I call CHAOTIC POTENTIAL OF ART

"Aku Bilak Corak, Daishan"

Join my artist page where I publish my daily creations

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Paulo Neves

Cliff Martin Tuson

Born in England many years ago, studied Painting, Ceramics and Art Technology before spending some years teaching deaf children Art and Craft in Birmingham.

Moved to Wales and ran a Craft Pottery Workshop as part of the resurgent interest in the William Morris tradition of simple life style and handmade household goods.

Decided to take a sabbatical year in Europe, which became 5 years living on the road, enjoying a hedonistic life style and musing on the meaning of life. Having failed to find the holy grail and running out of money, I settled in sun drenched Portugal.

For the past 15 years or so, I have developed my approach to painting which involves embracing the academic tradition of careful observation and disciplined drawing and design while also accepting that all the diverse and confusing movements in Art since the Impressionists broke the mould, leaves modern artist with a great freedom of expression and thinking.

As a result my work is diverse, without an obvious single stylistic pathway. I have exhibited all over Portugal and run a small gallery of my work near Lagos.

Lagos, June 2010-08-25
József Petlánovics

E-mail: petlanovicsjozsef@citromail.hu